Hunger and malnutrition rob otherwise eager learners, leading to lowered mental capacity and lifetime earning power. Girls in particular miss out due to household duties, lack of menstrual education, and early marriage.

We combat this by making sure children have access to safe learning environments by building classrooms and ensuring they have the necessary resources to learn. In Uganda, we constructed a primary school that educates over 300 children. The school provides education at little to no cost and the fees that are collected are used to support the local children’s home.

Education is transformative, instilling confidence and hope in children. We connect education with health and nutrition services to address the full scope of children’s needs and provide them with the life changing power of learning.

258 Million

 children do not attend school

1 in 4

young people in low and lower-middle income countries are illiterate

160 million

children were victims of
child labor in 2020


Two orphaned boys who have persevered to pursue their education. Despite their circumstances, they became the brightest boys in their village. They excelled so greatly, that with the help of Project Refuge’s scholarship program, they are now attending an esteemed high school in the capital, Kampala. Katwesige and Mpiwa are studying hard not only to help themselves, but to ultimately lift their loved ones out of poverty.

Project Refuge believes that education is the key to alleviating poverty. Our scholarship program allows children facing barriers to access the education they deserve by bridging the gap to secondary education. When you donate to Project Refuge you can help more kids like Katwesige and Mpiwa reach their full potential.