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Where We Work

Three Indian girls

Project Refuge works with some of the most marginalized and vulnerable communities around the world. Women and children are our main focus, and we strive to create alternative avenues in male-dominated societies. Our aim is to assist as many communities as possible – working with them, alongside them, and for them to establish their equal voice in our global community.

As global citizens, it is our duty to step up and help those in need.

Based in New York City, we are a non-profit fighting poverty internationally. Leaders and governments fall short in providing proper care for their people. It is up to us to fill in that gap. Poverty is a multifaceted issue deeply affecting all aspects of life. Nearly 50% of the world lives in poverty, leading to catastrophic deterioration of health, living standards, education, and quality of life.

Small changes = Big impact.

Join us in our fight against poverty.

Prathima listening with notebook in hand
Project Refuge