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Meet Our Team

Prathima giving gifts to children
Prathima “Pooja" Narayan – Refuge Founder & President

In 2015, Prathima couldn’t ignore her drive to fight inequality any longer so she left her career in finance to work in Uganda. While working to provide children with access to education, she realized that poverty could be fought by standing with vulnerable people and empowering them through sustainable community initiatives. With the conviction that all lives hold equal value, she founded Project Refuge in 2016.

Mason Kruse-Hoyer
Mason Kruse-Hoyer – Board Treasurer

A member from the start, Mason previously volunteered with several smaller organizations before joining Team Refuge. After a life changing trip to Uganda, the people of Ntunda opened his eyes to the power of community, togetherness, and family. He continues to aid a small orphanage in Ntunda through telemedicine and hopes to go back soon. Until then, he continues to help advance the values of Project Refuge throughout every community we serve.

Amanda Inthasoroth
Amanda Inthasoroth – Board Secretary

Amanda’s passion for nonprofit work developed in college while volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. After moving to NYC and falling in love with the city, Amanda volunteered with New York Cares. Through her work, Amanda was driven to dedicate her efforts on a global scale and eventually found her niche with Project Refuge. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys running in Central Park, hiking, and playing with her dog Maya.  

Parvathi Narayan
Parvathi Narayan – Director of Development

Pavarthi, originally from India, stands with Refuge. Parvathi has always valued spiritual growth, giving back, and global equality. Her passions were focused on working with deaf children in Bangalore, India and creating initiatives for social awareness and progress in India. Personal complications may have limited her social justice work, but her passions live on serving as a core fundraiser for Project Refuge. She is excited to see these dreams expanded through Prathima’s humanitarian work in Africa and India.

Herbert Kinalwa
Herbert Kinalwa - Country Coordinator - Uganda

Herbert’s ambition to help others stemmed from his mother, Jane Nassejje who founded a school and orphanage for the poor. Despite his struggles he has managed to provide for his younger siblings and has even sent them to school. When approached by Prathima to work for Project Refuge, he couldn't have been happier. He fully supports the efforts and programs that Refuge has implemented and is proud to work alongside them and his community. Herbert believes that by uplifting his community and teaching them how to work for themselves, he will be able to bring about change. 

Tiarra Nero
Tiarra Nero - Director of Women's Protection and Empowerment

Tiarra has always enjoyed volunteering in every community she has been a part of. As she grew older, her focus on women’s rights began to expand. While living in New York, she began volunteering with an organization focused on the restoration of sex trafficked survivors. Her interaction with the survivors exposed her to additional challenges like the inequality of education in their native lands. Ultimately she aims to help girls and women appreciate their self worth and achieve financial independence through education.

Arielle Espenilla
Arielle Espenilla - Communications and Media Intern

Arielle has always felt that she needed to do more to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable populations and is determined to make that change. Having volunteered in her local community before moving on to working with nonprofits, she was excited to join Project Refuge. As a Health Science major at Boston University, she is invested in Project Refuge’s humanitarian work, especially their food sustainability projects, and is grateful to be apart of the process!

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