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Prathima Narayan's Story

My motivation to establish Project Refuge came at an early age. My most vivid memories are standing beside my grandmother as we distributed food in impoverished areas of India; along with my mother and I, daydreaming about opening schools for vulnerable children.

After years of pursuing careers in finance and fashion, I eventually found myself packing my bags and heading to a remote Ugandan village. I worked for a local community organization, helping with everything from school construction to fundraising.

I saw there was so much to be done, and it became clear the ways in which I could help. A year later, I initiated a clean water project. I was now determined to fight poverty through sustainable community initiatives with the conviction that all lives hold equal value. When you know that there is so much suffering in the world, it seems crazy not to do something.

To carry on my vision and see the dreams of my childhood and family through, I founded Project Refuge in 2016. Based on helping others to help themselves, Refuge empowers marginalized communities to rise above poverty. Together, side by side, we can bring about lasting change.

Refuge through empowerment.

This is our mission.

Prathima "Pooja" Narayan - Summer 2019

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