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Female Empowerment

Girls with little to no education are more susceptible to sex trafficking, becoming young brides, and experiencing high rates of poverty. In addition to these risks, young girls are often forced to end educational pursuits due to monthly menstruation cycles. Many girls avoid school due to being ashamed of this natural process. Misinformation can lead to societal superstitions, which may cause young girls to be ostracized. In a male dominated society, menstruation is often a taboo topic in many countries across the world.

Women and girls around the world lack resources to purchase “luxury” items such as feminine hygiene products. When women and girls lack access to sanitary products, they are more likely to suffer from health issues such as vaginal and urinary infections.

Solution: We aim to provide school aged girls with feminine hygiene products in an effort to reduce school dropout rates.

Mother holding daughter

When we prioritize the welfare of women and girls, they gain control of their bodies, education, and lives. Project Refuge educates and empowers girls to help them avoid and combat child marriage, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and HIV. We also conduct seminars related to safe sex, empowerment of their bodies and celebrating womanhood.

41,000 girls

under the age of 18 marry every day

65% of women

who receive a primary education or less experience childhood marriage and marital abuse.

US $30 trillion

the global increase in female lifetime earnings if every girl received 12 years of schooling

Maritah holding pad

Mwiiza Maritah

Meet Mwiiza, she’s 16 years old. One of her biggest concerns as a senior in highschool was going to class while on her period. Living in rural Uganda, she didn’t have access to menstrual pads and was forced to use old rags. She explained “I fear going to school. What if the bloody cloths fall through my skirt when I am called to the front of the class?” Mwiiza described that fear of male classmates ridiculing her caused her to miss school and stay home during her menstruation.

With the help of the Female Empowerment program, she’s been able to shed this shame and pursue her education without fear. After receiving the pads, she was ecstatic- “I’m feeling so lucky that I have received these pads. Now I am a woman with pads and I will be healthy. You have delivered us from the cloths. We have moved a step forward.”

◦ Project Refuge has distributed over 30,000 pads to women and girls.

◦ This changed the lives of over 1,200 women in India and Uganda.

Prathima with community
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