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About Refuge

Project Refuge mission

Refuge Through Empowerment

Each person, no matter their gender, culture, or origin – is equal. Global poverty requires global solutions.

Who We Are

With over two billion people worldwide lacking the most basic necessities to live, extreme poverty seems like an insurmountable challenge. It’s easy to feel helpless while watching fellow citizens needlessly suffer from this devastating epidemic.

We at Project Refuge hope to make a change.

As a global NGO, we promote transformative change by empowering others to rise above poverty.

In 2016, the beginnings of Project Refuge were established by a passionate woman who wanted to ensure every child in the small village of Ntunda, Uganda would have access to a proper education. For founder Prathima Narayan, this small project ignited her path to a bigger mission.

From economic hardship and malnutrition to climate change and natural disasters, Refuge works in solidarity with marginalized communities to overcome their challenges. We want to transcend the ambivalence of wealthy nations and empower the vulnerable. Simply put, we are implementers. We raise funds, partner with local organizations, and direct actionable programs.

Small changes give rise to big impact. Thinking locally is key to making change sustainable.

With nearly half of the world’s population living in poverty, our global society is in a constant state of need, making organizations like Project Refuge more vital than ever.

With all of the world’s resources, poverty is inexcusable. Global wealth is vast, and it can be harnessed to end millions of needless deaths and suffering. We believe by securing necessary resources and implementing local initiatives, poverty is solvable.

Breaking the vicious cycle requires strength and dedication. Through the mobilization of generous volunteers and donors, Project Refuge works closely with local communities to create solutions that promote life-changing dignity and independence.

Two women sitting outside with water jugs

Refuge Mission

We believe that everyone deserves a life free of poverty & oppression. We stand for a singular humanity, one that does not hold others higher or lower than ourselves. With a focus on the pillars of development – including food security, clean water, health, education, and women’s initiatives – our mission is nothing short of empowering the marginalized with self-sustaining solutions. Side by side, we work closely with developing communities to rise above poverty.

Woman and child carrying water

Women in Uganda

About 90% of women work in agriculture, rural Ugandan women also take care of domestic tasks for about nine hours a day. Men work eight to ten hours a day while women work longer. There is immense gender inequality despite their workload and contributions to society.

Refuge Values

We believe in refuge through empowerment. Our non-governmental organization is founded in the unshakable conviction that every life holds equal worth, and those suffering from extreme poverty and inequality can discover new hope.

We Value:

  • Impartial and unbiased care for every community and individual we work with.
  • Fundamental belief that communities must grow stronger from within and should come together in times of need to support one another.
  • Steadfast commitment to identifying existing strengths and knowledge in communities and fostering growth while helping to reduce barriers.
  • Adoption of a holistic approach through sustainability rather than dead-end philanthropic exercises.
  • Embodying humility while working alongside the people we serve and remaining thoroughly accountable to them and our donors.

Together, we can defeat poverty. Support us in empowering the vulnerable today. Every donation counts.

Project Refuge